About Abhinav Gupta

My Curriculum Vitae

Hello! My name is Abhinav Gupta, and I am Electronics and Electrical Engineering from BITS, PIlani University. Currently I am working at the Felicitous Computing Institute at NUS as a Research Engineer. My work is in the domain Epidemiological studies for Dengue Epidemic, where I work on design of medical equipments and firmware that is used in these studies and assisting in the data analysis that are generated.

Prior to this I was working at the Integrated Systems Laboratory at EPFL, as a Research Assistant working dedicatedly towards designing medical equipments for physiological measurements in Acupuncture treatments. More on my can be read here

I am very interested in the fields of  Designing Embedded Systems, Statistical Learning Techniques, Graph based learning techniques, Computer Architectures and Pervasive Computing. A lot of my projects involve one or more of the above fields.

I contribute to some open source projects. I used to be an active developer for the OpenRelief project. I sometimes contribute to bugs and issues for the OpenCV project, and some patches for linux-sunxi which are used for embedded development.

When I don’t work or write ego-boosting pages about me, I read. I am a big fan of Douglas Adams and Alexander Dumas.

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